• 3 Reasons the GOP Tax Bill Could Send More US Jobs Overseas

    By The Fiscal Times Staff

    Some experts are warning that the tax bill expected to be passed this week could make it easier for U.S. companies to move jobs out of the country. “This bill is potentially more dangerous than our...

  • 8 Winners and 5 Losers in the GOP Tax Bill

    By Michael Rainey

    Although the Republican tax bill will likely pass this week, it will take months for experts to wade through the 503-page document to fully understand the implications of the many breaks and...

  • Why the GOP Tax Plan Will Increase Inequality

    By The Fiscal Times Staff

    “The great tax-cutting revolution of the last half-century hasn’t actually been a tax-cutting revolution for most Americans,” writes New York Times columnist David Leonhardt. Despite a series of...

  • FILE PHOTO: Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) speaks with reporters after announcing his retirement at the conclusion of his term on Capitol Hill in Washington

    With Corker and Rubio on Board, GOP Tax Plan Looks Set to Pass

    The Republican tax bill looks set to pass next week, possibly with unanimous GOP support, after Republican Sens. Marco Rubio and Bob Corker both said Friday they’ll vote yes. Rubio said he’ll support...

  • New Congress may have old look after election

    Republicans Put Finishing Touches on Tax Bill

    By Amanda Becker and Richard Cowan, Reuters

    Republican negotiators in the U.S. Congress put the finishing touches on a sweeping tax overhaul and will release the details later on Friday, including plans for an expanded child tax credit aimed...

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